Virtual Phone Number: The New Business Backbone


Virtual number provided by voice over IP (VoIP) is the new backbone for the basic framework of customer support relationship. These numbers have their vogue of their own due to internet sensation.

Virtual phone numbers offers comprehensive features and unlimited advantages to boost business success.

  • Personalized welcome message or email or welcome tune
  • Auto attendant
  • Voice mail and missed call alert through text, mail, or voice message.
  • Call notification,
  • Call forwarding,
  • Call recording,
  • Call conference,
  • Call transfer to specific agent.
  • Lead follow up notifications.
  • Connectivity all across the globe, and off-hour availability, which allows 24*7 working
  • Virtual number require no hardware,
  • It is fully automated and controlled process for business.

All are some of the important features of these global phone numbers that make them attractive. They give the following benefits to the business:

  • These can play essential role in start-up business plans. Single number can be used with a broadband connection without any extra expense of hardware or software management. It can help in building business local as well as overseas on a single number. So, it’s not just cost effective but also reinforce business.
  • These numbers are multifunctional, flexible and portable to use.
  • Beneficial in establishing healthy long term customer relation through professional yet friendly customer support available at any time.
  • Since, these numbers can be customized, these can gather local and international leads and their follow-up. Business will get consistent branding and a good image because of good connectivity with the customers.
  • International virtual numbers can cut the cost of hiring an office overseas. Just get a virtual number of that location and start up.

Virtual numbers are not connected to any physical telephone lone but a broadband network. So, how to get started with these?

It just takes few minutes to install a virtual number for business. First of all, pick a business phone number suitable to your business, international or local. The grasshopper alternatives such as Mighycall can help in a toll-free number with any area code with no extra charges. Thus, it creates an illusion for clients that the company really exists in their country and can rely upon easily without actually being existing there.

Then add the contacts and employees in the system, to receive client or customer requests. Queue option should be installed along with customizations so that there is no missed calls or you if there is any due to busy line, you can get it’s notification through voice mail or text message.

After wards, set routing calls. The incoming calls are to be routed to available agent so that the lead is not lost. Get started by receiving calls from all across the globe and respond to get business.

  • Virtual phone numbers are getting popularity among
  • Call centers and B. P. O
  • Global and multinational companies,
  • Technical support of various brands,
  • Virtual service providers

Along with dozens of beneficial features offered by virtual number, it is also cost efficient in all the ways, can be customized and give power to business settlement irrespective of all geographical barrier and fences.