What Evidences Would I Need To Submit For My Motorcycle Accident


Evidence is the proof that shows your involvement in a motorcycle accident in Denver. It makes your claim more solid. There is some evidence which you will need to submit to your Denver motorcycle accident attorney which will be used for legal purposes.

The evidence you are expected to submit are:

  1. Police reports: it is advised that you get the police report from any policeman present when the accident occurred. It can provide the first real evidence to understanding what really happened. you can request one from the police department in Denver.
  2. Photos of the accident: it is vital to have pictures from the accident to back up your claim. These days with the advancement of technology, everyone has an android phone that can take clear pictures. The pictures can also be used to confirm the vehicle plate number which can bring out other relevant information you wish to know. It can also prove how badly injured you are and the extent of damage done to your bike.
  3. Eye Witnesses account: if anyone was present at the time of the accident, interviewing them is something you should do. If they are not available or due to your level of injuries, you are unable to get their own account, then it is best if you get their contact information where you can reach them when you are more stable to hear their version of what happened.  You can relay this to your Denver motorcycle accident attorney.
  4. Damaged clothing and gear: the clothes and helmets used should not be thrown away but should be kept safely. It will help back up your claim and evidence of bloodstains and tears can help to back up your injury claim.
  5. Medical reports: medical reports from the doctor will reveal the injuries suffered both minor and major. It will be easy for you to confidently state how injured you are and also determine how long it will take for you to fully recover since you have the report from the doctor to back it up.
  6. Bills for treatment of injuries and cost of repair of the motorbike: all receipts issued at the hospital for the cost of treatment should be well kept and the cost of repair gotten from the mechanic shop should also be kept. It will be used as prove by a Denver motorcycle accident attorney to show how much you spent and will have to spend due to the damages.
  7. Surveillance cameras: you can request surveillance cameras if the accident happened near a store or company. This will really help to jog your memory about what happened exactly. You will need to do this quickly so that the tape for that day will not be unavailable.