What is the Expiration Period of Liquid CBD Syrup?


Cannabidiol (CBD) has become a popular topic for the last few years. More people have learned and come to terms with the reality that CBD does not contain psychoactive effects.  To make things better, there is the realization that CBD possesses healing power. Many manufacturers are aware that there is already an influx of demand for CBD. The CBD product that has already experienced a high demand is liquid CBD syrup. This is owing to the high bioavailability and faster effectiveness. Therefore, consumers are opting to purchase liquid CBD syrup in large quantities, with some storing it for future use. But, have you ever asked yourself what is the shelf life for liquid CBD syrup?

In this post, I want to point out some of the basics regarding the expiration of liquid CBD syrup. Before you purchase liquid CBD syrup, it is important that you consider the shelf life to make sure you do not purchase in large quantities, and in the following month, it is stale or loses potency.

Does Liquid CBD Go Bad?

Yes! Liquid CBD syrup can lose freshness over time, and go stale if the storage conditions are not favorable. Therefore, to help liquid CBD syrup maintain its integrity, it is recommended that it is stored in the right place. If you have made liquid CBD syrup part of your daily training regimen, chances are that you purchase it in large quantities and keep some in-house for your daily dose. In case you have discovered long-forgotten liquid CBD syrup in your wardrobe, check the expiration dates printed on the packaging material. Although the expiration date is not yet close, chances are that the CBD syrup might have started to degrade, and it is already losing the original potency levels.

If you intend to keep liquid CBD syrup in your home for a long time, consider protecting it from the dangerous elements that cause damage or degradation. Degradation is essentially a result of compounds that are found on the hemp degrading gradually.

How Can you Determine if Liquid CBD is Already Stale?

You can easily determine if the liquid CBD syrup has gone stale or lost its potency and freshness by just looking at the syrup. In most cases, you will notice a murky appearance, while the clarity is usually replaced with some cloudiness. This loss of freshness is noticed also if the syrup produces an unpleasant odor or the flavor is no longer pleasing. Change in smell, appearance, or taste, should inform you that the liquid CBD syrup is no longer in its fresh state.

How Long Will it Take for CBD Syrup to Go Bad?

Generally, CBD products will have a stable shelf life and will stay fresh for a relatively long time. However, this is on the condition that the CBD product is stored under appropriate conditions. CBD products will last for a period of up to one year provided the storage conditions are correct.

To give the buyer an indication of how long the CBD product will stay fresh, the manufacturer normally attaches the details of the expiration date on the packaging container. Before purchasing the product, ensure you have confirmed the important dates. For a majority of CBD product manufacturers, the product expiration date is usually up to two months from the date of manufacturing.

How Can you Store Liquid CBD Syrup for a Longer Time?

We have indicated that the storage conditions determine how long the CBD oil will last. Therefore, it is important that the CBD syrup is stored in an area where the conditions are favorable.

The storage conditions should never be compromised, even if you are planning to use the CBD syrup immediately after you have purchased it. Note that potency is the most important factor when purchasing the CBD syrup. Therefore, if this potency is lost, chances are that you will not experience the full effect of the liquid CBS syrup. If this happens it is a complete waste of your money.

Ensure you do not expose the liquid CBD syrup to excess heat. Ideally, the storage temperature should never exceed 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Secondly, avoid exposure to direct light, because direct exposure will cause degradation of the CBD potency. Many of the liquid CBD manufacturers ensure light-resistant packaging as CBD products will most likely be stored on the shelf for quite some time awaiting customers to purchase.

Airtight containers should be used for storing the liquid CBD syrup. This helps in minimizing exposure to the outside light, heat, and air that can reduce the potency. Ensure you keep liquid CBD syrup closed in the original container that it came packaged in.

Now we have established that Liquid CBD Syrup does come with an expiration date. The expiration date is shown on the packaging container or the outer enclosure. Check the expiration dates and make sure it is not soon. In addition, ensure you store liquid CBD syrup under favorable conditions. This guarantees the longevity of your liquid CBD syrup.