BBQs 2u Is Presenting A Few New Grills From Kamado Joe’s Product Range


Barbeque lovers of UK recognize BBQs 2u as very passionate barbecue sellers because they have got very extensive experience and knowledge about grilling. They never fail to share their knowledge with their customers too. 

They are representing a number of pizza oven companies like:

Since 2002, they were selling barbecues and have made a good reputation on the market. Therefore, any product related to grill and oven that BBQs 2u deals will certainly be one of the best available on the market.

Kamado Joe – Classic 3

This new classic barbeque from Kamado Joe is the Kamado Joe Classic– III that includes a premium cart, which has got improved side tables. The latest innovation has been introduced such as the insert of SloRoller Hyperbolic Smoke Chamber.

This new addition can transform the whole taste of the entire grilled food.  Those cooks who are low and slow will prepare a delicious barbeque.

This new insert of SloRoller is the result of research done at Havard University, where the power of the cyclonic airflow has been harnessed to control the heat and smoke. By introducing this SloRoller insert, the taste, as well as the texture of the food, has been perfected.

One can now cook at a temperature up to 500°F and can easily be swapped out for any heat deflector plates while grilling and searing at higher temperatures.

Similar to its previous models, like the Kamado Joe Classic- II, this model also has a thick-walled and heat-resistant shell that can lock in moisture and smoke at any temperature. Even if it is wet, windy, and cold climate outside, one can cook very successfully and hence one can enjoy barbeque throughout the year!

Kamado Joe BBQs UK

This model is an ancient Asian-style grill with having thick-walled cooker that can offer rich, smoky flavor to all meats, fish, and also vegetables. The method of cooking still remains unchanged that was followed for centuries – where the air will flow through the ceramic body of grill and will be out through vented dome.

The chunk of charcoal will come to life through heating. Kamado Joe has maintained the same procedure with its classic style, innovative accessories, unparallel craftsmanship, and different flexible cooking surfaces.

All models of Kamado grills will have thick-sized walls so that they can retain more amount of heat a little more efficiently and effectively as compared to any other grills that are available on the market. 

Kamado grills will be very stable once they are pre-heated, and they can cook at both low and high temperatures till the grill has got enough charcoal and oxygen available. Most of these Kamado grills will be quite durable and often they are found to be made from ceramic compounds.

To know more opinions about both these grills, one can always visit their Facebook and Twitter profile where many people who have used these appliances must have posted enough comments about them that can help in making an informed decision before buying any one of these models.