Casino Etiquettes for players to follow



People from different places meet in casinos. The physical meeting is not possible in Judi online but you can do so when playing in land-based casinos. When meeting other players in the casino, you have to follow some etiquette, else you will not be allowed inside the casinos. Here are some of the common casino etiquette every land-based casino player should know.

Avoid using cell phones

Cell phones are believed to distract players from concentrating on a casino game. Some players even look down upon it. A casino is a place to enjoy and play games. The ringing of cell phones in such places can be pretty awkward and you might want to go out of the casino. Ideally, you should shut down your cell phone before moving into any land-based casino.

Proper Dress code

Casinos are a very reputable place and the players are expected to follow a certain dress code to play over there. Every casino has its dress code and may vary in different places. The common dressing includes shirts or trousers. For footwear, sandals are only allowed. To know about the dress code of your casino, you should ask them directly.

Avoid drinking while playing

Casinos offer booze so that you can relax off for a bit. But it is not a place for only drinking. Also, after you have had enough drink, you can think properly and increase your chances of losing in the game you play. Therefore, it is better to avoid drinking in casinos or drink as little as possible.

Listen to the Dealer’s call

The dealer is the person you have to follow in a casino. The verdict of the dealer is final and no one can argue with the dealer. You should also listen to the dealer obediently and follow its instructions. If you have any query regarding the game, you can ask the dealer and he will be happy to answer all your query regarding the particular game.

Cashing Out

If you feel like leaving the casino, you can either ask the game dealer or another person in the reception to take your chips or coins and exchange them for the equivalent cash so that you can take them home. Ask the people of the casino politely and they will help you out regarding this.


Following these etiquettes in Judi online will make you an admirable player and you will not feel awkward among other people.