Five reasons you need a Divorce Paralegal


First, we should know the meaning of paralegal. A paralegal is an assistant to an Attorney. He is the one who does all the research work for his employer. He collects all the information from the clients, analyzes them, and then makes a summary note for his employer. He takes care of day to day functioning of trials and hearings. He coordinates with the client and attends the corporate meetings. In short, he is the base provider for his attorney.

Divorce is an emotionally painful procedure but when both the parties decide on mutually for divorce that is divorced with mutual consent, they might opt for finalizing their divorce proceedings on their own. Also, the other option which they might opt for is hiring a divorce lawyer. Now hiring a divorce lawyer can be very expensive and doing it on your own can be very cumbersome and stressful. A middle path is to hire a Divorce Paralegal.

Now before hiring divorce paralegal services all of the following prerequisites have to be met :

  • It should be a divorce with mutual consent.
  • Kids should not be involved.
  • There should not be any property division issues.
  • There should be no major financial obligation to be shared by both parties.

If all the above conditions are satisfied then one should hire a paralegal who possesses the following qualities. :

  • He should be well qualified.
  • He should be an assistant to a well-known divorce lawyer.
  • He should have a good and friendly appearance.
  • He should have a well-organized office.
  • He should be prompt in replying it calls and emails.
  • He should be registered with proper authorities as a paralegal.

5 reasons you need a Divorce Paralegal (even if you think you don’t )

1.Filing of divorce petition – A Divorce Paralegal can file a divorce petition for his clients in proper procedure in front of the concerned court of law.

2.Filing of Forms and Documentation – Many documents are to be presented in the court of law by the clients. Also, numerous forms have to be filled by the clients. A Divorce Paralegal will make sure that all the paperwork is in order and that all paperwork is in order and that all the forms have been filled properly. This would save a lot of time on part of the client.

3.Necessary pieces of evidence are to be submitted

 For a mutual consent divorce, necessary pieces of evidence are to be submitted in the court of law. This evidence might include the proof of separation or the proof that no reconciliation is possible among the parties. These pieces of evidence are to be presented adequately to expedite the court proceedings. A Divorce Paralegal would ensure the presentation of necessary documents in the court of law.

4.Reminder and Details – Court dates are very important and missing one can lead to complete chaos. A Divorce Paralegal will make sure that you are reminded about your dates well in advance so you can clear your schedule. Also, minor details are to be considered since it is the work of the court of law. So a Divorce Paralegal will make sure that you don’t miss out on a single detail and can make divorce proceedings go smoothly.

5.Cost-effective – Hiring a divorce attorney can make a big dent in anybody’s pocket. Comparatively hiring a paralegal for divorce is way cost-effective. Divorce paralegals charge very little as compared to lawyers or attorneys.

Hiring a divorce paralegal will lead to a better handle on the divorce situation both emotionally and financially.