In the present scenario when the health of the world affected by the death threatening disease namely Covid-19 subsequently the economy of the world is also badly affected by this pandemic. The basic requirement to protect yourself from this disease is to maintain social distancing, but it is very difficult to run your economy while maintaining social distancing. Therefore, advance technology puts a step forward and helping people with the help of the audio and video conferences to communicate well and to run their business. There are various apps like Zoom, Google Duo, Skype, Facebook, Watsapp which are helping everyone to stay in contact and communicate with each other in a manner by avoiding social distancing.
Schools and colleges are also initiating the process of E-learning and complying with the rules and regulations setup by the Government.To become a part of E-learning or E- commerce a person needs few necessary things a good internet connection- to connect globally, a good mic- to be audible to all and a good webcam- to see each other. An online communication is incomplete without these three important ingredients. So first step a person should do is to get a good quality of internet, as we have seen various times that due to bad internet connection a person is unable to see or fail to hear the other person properly. Therefore, a good quality of internet is must to communicate with each other online. The secondary thing which is essential for communication is a good mic, now the question arises that how a person will get mic test that his/her mic is working good or not. So for that firstly a person should click right on the mic button. If the device ask about the permission then click on the allow button to give access to the mic of your device. Once you allowed the mic to access then it’s your turn to speak something. Thereafter you start speaking and you will see the waves are coming out from mic sign.

The waves are sign that your mic is working properly and the person at the other hand is able to hear you properly. Online mic testis very important process it makes sure that the communication between the parties are good and audible to each other.Another step for assurance of good communication between the people is to assure that your webcam is working properly. For that online webcam test is also available by which a person can be sure about the working of the webcam. The procedure to confirm is to click on the webcam button once the camera is open then you will be able to see yourself in the web-camera and move right to left or left to right slightly to confirm the functioning of your webcam. As you will observe that your web-camera is observing all your movement then this assures that your online webcam test is done and your web-cam is perfect to communicate with others online. As your mic and webcam online testing is done you can proceed with the online communication without any hindrance.