Things to know about Pan Masala


Many people are using pan masala everywhere. Some people like the taste and flavour of that pan masala. Some others use it for digestion purposes, and to avoid bad breath, they eat pan masala. Non-tobacco does not cause side effects to the users. You can feel the freshness in your mouth after eating pan masala. But many people don’t know several details and information about the pan masala. In this post, you are going to know things about pan masala.  

What is pan masala?

Pan Masala is nothing but a mixture of nuts and seeds and herbs provided after meals in India. After having heavy meals and spicy meals, you can eat pan masala, and it has many versions in several places as mouth fresheners. Some households and restaurants will make their mixtures with special homemade ingredients, and in many markets and some spice stores, it is possible to purchase packaged pan masala. Outside India also you can get it in some special Indian stores and through importers. 

What are the ingredients in pan masala?

Depending on personal taste and region, the pan masala’s ingredients vary widely. The often ingredient to use in pan masala is fennel seeds because they keep your mouth fresh. In addition to fennel seeds, you can also find cinnamon, lime, betel nuts, menthol, cardamom, areca nuts, and various other ingredients. These ingredients help you feel the freshness in your mouth and avoid the bad smell from your mouth. It also prevents stomach upset after eating spicy food by helping in digesting the food. Rajinigandha tulsi is one of the best-branded pan masala, which has a fabulous taste to eat.

Helps to keep dental hygiene:

In India, it has a long history to have a chewing breath after meals, and it is one of the traditions in India. Before certain years, the things like pan masala were used as a factor for dental hygiene. It helps to keep your breath fresh and to maintain oral hygiene. There will be antibacterial and antimicrobial in herbs and spices in some mixtures, which is good for oral health. And some herbs will provide energy to people after eating them. 

Statistics of pan masala in India:

Many pan masala with or without tobacco content are manufactured in India and exported to many countries. Rajinigandhi is the top branded pan masala company. The price of rajinigandhi pan masala differs or changes according to its demand and it can export to other Asian countries and also Middle Eastern countries. In India, the pan masala market is running with the motto of converting customers from tobacco products to pan masala, which will help to reduce their health effects. Convenient packing and aggressive advertisement are there for pan masala products. Additionally, fresh premium pan masala products are likely to offer lucrative opportunities to the market in the upcoming future.


Segmental Insights:

The pan masala market in India is segmented by type and region. On account of the type, the market is segmented into pan masala with tobacco, flavored pan masala and plain pan masala.

Bottom line: 

Thus, these are the details mentioned above about the pan masala. Pan Masala without tobacco is not bad for health and you can eat it.